HyNetherlands has launched tender package for EPC contractors

The HyNetherlands Hydrogen plants main technology used will be electrolyzers. The project goal, which is to convert renewable electricity into renewable hydrogen, requires more than only fabricating and installing an electrolyzer at the Eems Power Plant site.

Besides the electrolyzer supply, civil works, protection and control systems, balance of plant, integration of several process flows with existing power plant infrastructure, and so on will need to be designed, engineered, procured, commissioned, and tested.

To assure all these aspects are properly integrated and delivered to HyNL, an EPC tender package has been prepared in 2021-22 and issued to several reputable EPC contractors with their associated electrolyzer supplier. The contractors are now preparing their proposal to be submitted to ENGIE in the summer. After the summer, when all proposals are evaluated, ENGIE will decide whom will become the EPC Contractor and electrolyzer supplier for this project.