A gigawatt scale green hydrogen value chain

At a time when the energy transition needs to be accelerated, the HyNetherlands project initiates one of the first renewable-based hydrogen value chains. Launched in 2019, HyNetherlands is a major project with a long-term vision to play an increasingly important role in the decarbonization of industrial and transportation sectors in the region, with plans to scale up electrolyser production capacity from 100MW in 2026 to 1.85 GW in 2035.

HyNetherlands roadmap

  • 2026 Phase 1: 100 MWe
  • 2030 Phase 2: 400 – 800 MWe
  • 2035 Phase 3: 1.5 – 1.85 GWe

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Want to know what the green hydrogen value chain looks like?

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